Happy Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving Grocery Haul & Feeling Thankful for Everything


We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and went grocery shopping at Market Basket today.  I thought that it would be busy in the stores, but it wasn’t bad at all.  Either people planned their shopping way ahead of schedule or they will be grabbing their menu items at the last minute the day before.

Two of my children came along for the holiday shopping experience and were very helpful getting what we needed with a few extra items as well…  Considering I did not make a list; we did good deciding what to purchase. When we got to the checkout, we were the third in line and the wait was not very long.  I think putting the groceries away at home took longer!

On Thursday morning, we will start our day preparing our Thanksgiving meal and remembering the things we are thankful for.  Enjoying the day with family, talking, watching movies or maybe even playing games or looking through pictures and reminiscing when our children were young. It seems like it was yesterday when that all happened. It feels like time flew by in a flash and I always wish that I could slow down today, so tomorrow doesn’t feel like so far away from yesterday. So now we hold tight to our loved ones and our memories and live life to the fullest so there are never any regrets. Don’t forget to laugh as much as you breath.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Life in the Granite


Shine No Matter What!


You never realize how important you are in life. Take the chance to make a difference and don’t be afraid to show your true colors and shine among the best of them.  Remember to laugh as much as you breath.

Sometimes we just stand out

Fall Haul 2016



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